Cheerio MoFos! See yuzu later!

VeganMoFo-2019-carrotsVegan MoFo 2019: Saturday 31st August:

Wrap up day – what’s been your highlight of VeganMoFo? Make something inspired by a recipe from one of your fellow MoFo’ers!

I’ve really enjoyed blogging for Vegan MoFo this year. I made my first cookies, got to show off my Frida Kahlo cake and tried out a few new recipes including my first experience with jackfruit.  I made dumplings and cocktails… remembered how existential Peanuts was, laughed at Piers Morgan, made coloured space food and talked about Twin Peaks and Class War. I experimented with puff pastry for a friend’s birthday and made my first afternoon tea gaining a new-found respect for those who do this kind of work for a living!

I’ve been very inspired by Jenny’s blogs Herbivores’ Heaven – especially her food adventures in Japan. I loved her  blog on Kyoto that asked if bad science puts me off eateries, or can I let it go? As a greedy scientist, I have to say it can get my goat but it depends on a) how good the food looks and b) how hungry I am…

I just wanted to add a last word on yuzu, inspired by Jenny’s pictures of Japanese food. Yuzu is a citrus fruit used in some Japanese cooking, a kind of hybrid combining lime, lemon and grapefruit flavours – zingy!! I first came across it in a cocktail in a fancy restaurant in Bristol. Next time I encountered yuzu was in some lovely raspberry truffles in a smart vegan tapas bar near Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Even better than Booja Booja!


More recently, Wagamama have introduced yuzu in their new vegan dessert: Mango and Matcha layer cake which is made up of layers of matcha cream, vanilla sponge and yuzu cream with a mango and passion fruit purée served with a raspberry compote. It’s delicious! Cheerio MoFos, see yuzu soon!




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