Kitchen Tour

VeganMoFo-mushroomNow the month is concluding, show us where the magic has been happening!

My kitchen is quite small, but jam-packed with tons of stuff! Here are the shelves I keep nuts, seeds, pulses and grains on. I have red lentils, chick peas, yellow split peas, black beans, chana dal, mung dal and continental (brown) lentils. There’s wholegrain rice, brown basmati rice, quick cook white rice, Arborio risotto rice and Calasparra paella rice. I have cashew nuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. Then there’s the cous cous, quinoa and pearl barley.  I have muscovado and demerara sugar and dried apricots, raisins and sultanas. There several types of dried chili up there too! Is there a compulsive condition where you keep buying food to store in jars? Come the revolution it’ll be all round mine for dinner. There’s enough to last for weeks!

Kitchen 2.jpg

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