TV Trays

VeganMoFo-peasA sit-down meal might be nice, but sometimes getting cosy with food and Netflix is also needed. What’s your TV dinner?

I’ve been watching the second series of Ozark so I considered veganising some classic hillbilly (Spoiler alert – NOT to be confused with red neck) food but grits or cornbread just wouldn’t cut it as a TV dinner and I’m not sure where I’d start trying to veganise chicken gizzards (WTF are they?) or catfish.

Fishless fingers, mashed potato, sweetcorn and/or peas with tartar sauce – that’s the TV dinner of kings!

My favourite fishless fingers are V-Bites but Quorn ones are pretty good too. Mashed potato is easy – I like it creamy with soya milk and a good dollop of margarine stirred in with plenty of freshly ground black pepper on top. Sweetcorn or peas, or even both, are my preferred veggies with fishless fingers and a big spoon of homemade tartar sauce made from Plamil mayonnaise with chopped capers.


Now, off to Netflix to watch The End of the Fucking World!

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2 Responses to TV Trays

  1. onesonicbite says:

    Are you sure you want to know what gizzards are?! lol

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