The Wardrobe Theatre and a Baked Mushroom

The Wardrobe Theatre first opened in May 2011 above The White Bear pub on St Michael’s Hill in Bristol, providing a mix of theatre and comedy. I saw the brilliant Two Punks and a Tandem there in 2015.

Later that year they moved to the Old Market Assembly Rooms in collaboration with the team behind The Canteen and No1 Harbourside. They say their aim is to provide exciting, diverse events, not be afraid to take risks and to support up-and-coming companies in the region while remaining accessible and affordable.

I’ve seen some great shows there now; two of the best were the hilarious Golidlock, Stock and Three Smoking Bears and Rocky: a Horror Show. This week I went to see Sex with a Stranger, a sad tale of three people trying to find their ‘happy ever after’ story… you know how it goes.

The Old Market Assembly Rooms offer a small menu but say they will alway have something for a vegan – this week they had two options, an asparagus, pea and leek white sauce pizza (£8.50) and a baked mushroom with puy lentils, caramelised onions, roasted garlic mash, spinach puree, greens, mushroom sauce and red cabbage cress (£9). I went for the mushroom and it was very nice too. It looked quite small but was actually very filling – they bought bread, oil and vinigar for us to nibble while we waited and have a good selection of wines, beers and spirits. I’ve had a very nice G&T in there before. They also have a selection of cakes, the sticky toffee cake was vegan, and they have soya and almond milk for coffeee.

If you fancy a seeing a show in an informal setting (~100 people) sat on tiered benches, watching young actors cutting their teeth, you might be in for a real treat. Go early and eat to make a night of it. IMG_2178

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