Sloe gin for Christmas


broccoli2016Day 30 in the 2016 VeganMoFo: Food Gifts – Do you like to give food as a gift? Or receive? Show/tell us!

Every year my fella makes sloe gin for  friends for Christmas..

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If there is any left by the summer,it makes a great cocktail mixed with elderflower champagne!




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4 Responses to Sloe gin for Christmas

  1. Emma says:

    Sloe gin has so much nostalgia for me! When I was a kid we lived in the countryside and my mum would send us out to root around the bushes for sloes. There was really quite a competitive edge to it, people would get quite angry if you “stole” sloes they’d had their eyes on. None of this waiting for the first frost stuff – you had to get in before that else they’d all be gone!

  2. Jenny says:

    Between the fake turkey and this sloe gin, you guys sound like great friends to have!

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