Vegan Pavlova


Day 8 in the 2016 Vegan MoFo: Far Away – If you dug straight down, where would you come out? Make something from that country!

If I dug straight down through the centre of the earth I would come out in the sea near New Zealand and Australia! These two countries have a long-standing dispute over which country invented the Pavlova – a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It is made of crisp, soft, light meringue layers topped with fruit and whipped cream.

It is thought that the dessert was created in honour of the dancer either during or after one of her tours to Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. Apparently the nationality of its creator has been a source of argument between the two nations for many years.

The Pavlova is a popular dessert and an important part of the national cuisine of both Australia and New Zealand and is frequently served during celebratory and holiday meals.

Now we know how to make vegan meringues the Pavlova is now readily available to vegans! Here’s my version:


  • Aqua faba: water from a can of chick peas (no added salt)
  • A pinch of cream of tartar
  • ½ cup caster sugar
  • 1 tub of blueberries
  • ½ pot of blackcurrant yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar
  1. Get everything ready! Line two baking trays with baking paper, draw six 4 inch (10cm) circles on each and heat the oven to 100°C. Prepare a piping bag over a jug or pint glass. 
  2. Drain the chick peas and transfer the aqua faba (juice from the can) into a saucepan.


  1. Heat the chick pea water gently in a pan reducing to ½ a cup in volume.
  2. Let cool to room temp in a glass bowl then add cream of tartar and whisk for several mins with an electric balloon whisk until stiff peaks form. This might take some time – maybe 10 minutes! My friend’s hand blender began to smell like Scalextric when he did this!!
  1. Add the sugar a spoonful at a time whisking all the time until all the sugar is mixed in – you should now have glossy stiff peaks (matron!). 
  2. Transfer the mix into a piping bag and pipe out around 12 medium-size meringues, circling around the edge of each to give a raised border.


  1. Bake at 100°C for two hours then turn of the oven, unclick the door and leave to cool for one hour.
  2. When the meringues are done, gently loosen each one from the baking paper but keep them on your lined trays.To assemble, put one meringue on a plate and spoon on some yoghurt and fruit then place another on top with more yoghurt and fruit. Sprinkle on some icing sugar and serve immediately) the meringues on their own will keep in a plastic tub but will go soggy very quickly if you put anything on them). Kia ora and G’day!


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