Clorofil·la Cuina Vegetariana

Chips and salad please! Me, umm… chips and salad please. I’ll have a green salad with chips thanks… Oooh paella! sound familiar? That tends to be the way of things in Spain…

So, finding Clorofil·la Cuina Vegetariana was a delight. I ate there twice in three days! It’s easy to find, on a corner of the Plaça Conquesta in Mahón, the capital city of the island Minorca. It’s a small city and the restaurant is a short stroll from an ice-cream parlour called El Turronero (22 Carrer Nou) who serve chocolate and vanilla soya ice-cream! Times are changing eh?!

Clorofil is a large, airy and casual space with plenty of tables for two, four or six and one giant table for a big group. They serve organic and local food and provide a salad buffet every day. The menu is uncomplicated offering a range of veggie and vegan tapas or a set menu of two courses (9) or three courses (13.50). It’s a very good deal with five choices for first course, main course and dessert. With both options you are given a melon and watermelon appetiser as well as free bread and water (fizzy in a bottle if you want). All delicious and bloody bargain I reckon! I had the two-course option starting with a smoothie then the seitan burger and a chocolate brownie. I had organic ginger drink with my meal and a mint tea after it. The bill for two of us eating the same amount, was a little over 20. Last year that would have been about £15! Cheers you Brexit twats!

So we went back again to try the tapas… arriving nearly 30 minutes after they were supposed to close the kitchen for the afternoon (3.30pm) they very kindly agreed to let us eat there again – thanks!

We had Crispy aubergine with molasses (6.50), Homemade bravas with vegan aioli and spicy tomato sauce (€4.80), Saam marinated seitan with cashews, sesame and miso (€7), Tofu fingers with a homemade BBQ sauce (€8). We also had some bread with tomato (€2.60) and my fella had some courgette carpaccio (6.80). The aubergine was out of this world – even people who don’t like aubergine would like this! It was all amazing. With drinks the bill was a bit steeper at around €37 for two – given it was the best food I’ve ever had in Spain it was well worth it.

I liked Minorca and would happily go back, if I do, I’ll definitely visit Clorofil again.

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