Pan Asia Bristol

Pan asia

Bristol has a new Pan Asian restaurant right on the edge of the centre, where Fabric Land used to be next to the wedding dress shop, the NCP car park and Holiday Inn. It’s not vegan, it’s not even veggie, but they have lots of tofu dishes. Make sure you tell them you are veggie/vegan as they use chicken stock in some dishes.

They are open for lunch and dinner. I went in the evening and for a starter, had Salt & Pepper Tofu (£5), deep fried tofu with diced onions and peppers toasted with five spice and fresh chillies. It was very tasty and there was lots of crispy tofu. For my main dish I had Stir fried Tofu with Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce (£8), again it was very nice, a few black beans would have been good with the sauce. The peppers were cooked just right with a bit of bite still. We shared some Stir-fried Pak Choy with Garlic Sauce which was very nice but a bit steep at £7.50, althoguh they may have knocked a couple of quid of as we asked for it as a side dish. They gave us complimentary coffees which was very nice we shared a plate of banana fritters (£3.95) smothered in golden syrup.

The lunch menu is £7.95 for a starter and a main dish. You can choose from Miso Soup, Veggie Spring Roll or Salt & Pepper Tofu for a starter and Wok Fried Udon Noodles, Malaysian Curry with Tofu or Stir fried Tofu with Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce for a main course. This is pretty good value I reckon.

The waiters are friendly, very polite and all very quietly spoken! I had to keep saying pardon as I’m a bit deaf. It’s a large venue and would be good for big parties. The downstairs loos are spotlessly clean (well it is all brand new) and it felt like I walked straight into the 1980s, Ashes to Ashes style, with the black, grey and silver shiny tiling. They are not doing cocktails yet but assured us that they will be doing them soon including a vegan piña colada with coconut cream. I’ll be back!

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