Vegan Egg OMFG

As if Aqua faba wasn’t enough, now there’s a vegan egg! Oh lordy, what next? It’s well over a decade since I ate an egg. I have to confess, chicken abortion comments aside, I was a fan. I never liked meat – all that gristle and tubes! However, I liked an egg butty with dollops of ketchup. Since discovering black salt (Kala namak) I’ve been making a pretty passable vegan egg mayo sarnie. Now this!

It’s a bit pricey – around £7 a box which contains the equivalent of 12 eggs. To make classic scrambled egg you add 115ml of ice-cold water to 2 tbsp of the Vegan egg powder and whisk with a balloon whisk. Then fry in a pan, scramble it about a bit for a few minutes then pile it upon hot toast. Voilà!

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It was the eggiest thing I’ve tasted in years in terms of texture, it tasted eggy too but you could add a bit more black salt if you want the real eggy pong.

So what is this alchemy? It’s made from algae! Very clever.

Spanish omelette next I reckon…


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