Vegan sausage, beans and mash

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I just got back from a lovely relaxing holiday in France with friends but eating out was a challenge. Chips and salad is often the only option. I have had just iceberg lettuce and black olives before! If you explain to a waiter or restaurateur that you are a vegan, they tend to shrug like that’s your bad luck. Bof! I’m not going to fade away any time soon so it probably does me good but I do look forward to something tasty when I get home. This time that we had sausage, beans and mash! Comfort food for a chilly autumn evening.

Some years ago I stayed in London for a month living out of a suitcase in a hotel near to the hospital my Mum was in. I lived on takeaway salads and snacks. Then I was offered a room in a house for a weekend with a kitchen and a fancy bathroom designed by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. When my husband visited, he offered to cook me anything I wanted – anything at all – I asked for sausage, beans and mash. It remains one of the most memorable meals I have ever had. You just can’t beat good, hearty, comfort food made with love. Thanks Marc xxx

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