My Kitchen

It’s kitchen tour time!broccoliweb


Like me, my kitchen is old and scruffy. My friends say I need a new kitchen and it’s probably true…

However, I also love my kitchen. My old Grandad used to love visiting us because of all the jars, packets and bottles filled with interesting stuff. He would peruse the shelves with interest. He was an foodie too who made his own bread every other day.

The only down side is that every few weeks I have to spend a whole day cleaning kitchen goo off all the jars and bottles.

The shelves are heaving with six different types of rice, beans, lentils, five different types of chillies, muscovado sugar, demerara sugar, cashew nuts, pistachios, pecans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and at the moment I have pine nuts too!


The spice shelf has most things you might want: chilli powder, ground cumin and cumin seeds, ground coriander and seeds, turmeric, smoked paprika, liquid smoke, ground cardamom and pods, fenugreek, celery salt, sea salt, black, pink and white pepper corns, Kala Namak (black) salt oregano, Italian herbs, cloves, mace, mixed spice, allspice, ginger, cinnamon, asafoetida, ras el hanout (essential for a good Moroccan tagine), harissa, sumac (great on a roast cauliflower) and lime leaves for Thai green curry.

I like pickles and sauces and we have a good selection of condiments: cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, alegar (vinegar made from English ale), Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, vegetable oil, rapeseed (canola) oil, toasted sesame seed oil, pomegranate molasses, tomato ketchup, HP sauce, Branston pickle, aubergine pickle, Really Fucking Hot chilli sauce, Psycho Juice chilli sauce, chipotle Tabasco, rice wine, mirin, soya sauce, Marmite and Marigold bouillion.

Then there are all my baking and cake ingredients: baking powder and soda, vanilla extract, orange water, chocolate essence, maple syrup, passion fruit syrup, ­colouring and silver balls!

And the cookbooks… these are only some of them! Among these my favourites are Appetite for Reduction and Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World and Mr Boston – the king of cocktail books!!

One day I’ll get a new kitchen and I’ll be able to stop cleaning all these bloody bottles and jars.

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3 Responses to My Kitchen

  1. narf77 says:

    The bigger, and newer your kitchen, the more space you have and the more jars you can fill it with. Be careful what you wish, it might come true! 😉 Seriously though, LOVE your kitchen. I would call it a kitchen nook filled to the brim with potential and be done with it. It has a Spanish feel to it and bollocks to “scruffy and old”. Don’t you know that “scruffy and old” are the new black?!

  2. JustBloggs says:

    Well thanks so much!

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