Great Vegan Breakfast in Hackney

I was in London with my fella for Field day festival in Hackney, Patti Smith and the Gallery cafeSavages played and were great! I would say ‘awesome’ but then I’d have to throw up. We stayed in Shoreditch and I woke up hungry wanting a decent vegan fry-up. The Gallery Café on Old Ford Road in Bethnal Green was one of the nearest places listed by Happy Cow as doing a good breakfast. It was a 30-minutre walk from our hotel so and I found a wallet on the pavement on our way which caused a delay, standing around wondering what to do with it (luckily the bloke who’d dropped it appeared on skateboard and we were able to return it to him). Warning! Breakfast is served until 12pm on weekdays and 3pm on weekends. It was a Monday we visited on and we got there just 10 minutes before they stopped serving breakfast, so I felt pretty lucky and a big huffy mood was avoided. Vegan breakfast (£7.50) consist of two veggie sausages (V-bites sausages cooked in some kind of clamshell George Foreman-type grill), hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled tofu and sourdough toast. They had run out of tomatoes so I had spinach which suits me just fine. It was very nice and the scrambled tofu was great. I had a big cup of tea with it too. My fella had the Breakfast Quesadilla: refried beans and cheese (vegan or dairy) in a toasted tortilla topped with scrambled tofu, fresh tomato, sour cream and coriander (£6.95). It was good he said but not a patch on the Breakfast Burrito he had in San Francisco – that would take some beating. He had a cappuccino and the whole bill was £18.50. I would certainly go back here, there’s a nice outdoor seating area at the front, a laid back feel and the staff were friendly and helpful. Maybe the rude staff member (mentioned in other TripAdvisor reviews) has either left or cheered up!

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