The Tree House, Stokes Croft, Bristol

I’ve walked passed this place a few times, I work just around the corner from it, but it wasn’t until a friend suggested we went for lunch there that I realised they cater for vegans (way beyond a lonely dry baked potato and beans!). It’s got a good friendly feel and the staff, well there was only one person there the day I went, was very friendly and helpful.

IMG_5517The café was set up by Derw Robertson-Jacobs (previously the chef de partie at Jamie’s Italian and who now helps run The Love of Dub) with help from a few friends including Come Dine With Me winner Lilly Stephenson. They have used global influences combined with local produce including award-winning bread from East Bristol Bakery, salad leaves grown in Bristol by the Severn Project and organic vegetables from Somerset. Even the sign and refurbished interior was built using wood from the Bristol Wood Recycling Project; the reclaimed wood make the Tree House look a bit like a café for Hobbits. It’s nice and makes the place feel a bit different.

Breakfast is served all day which I reckon is the mark of a good café. Breakfast includes a Southern Indian-style dosa (pancake) stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes served with ‘magic’ homemade baked beans and scrambled eggs (we substituted the eggs for fried mushrooms). They also as serve a more traditional breakfast as well as porridge. For £5.50 it was a good plateful. The dosa was cooked really well – the potato was tasty and not too spicy. The beans were indeed ‘magic’ and much nicer than Heinz! The mushroom had that wonderful earthy taste you only get occasionally with good dark mushrooms.

It’s not a vegan or even vegetarian café but there is plenty of choice for a vegan and they clearly understand the deal. There is an extensive lunch menu too with soup and salad but I was far too occupied with my late breakfast, I will have to go back next week!

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  1. Hello Justine. Do you mind if I borrow some of this post, & add it to vegan bristol website, with a link back here to read in full of course? I’ve asked The Tree house for info before, to no joy. No worries if you prefer I didn’t. 🙂

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