The Mighty Food Fight

Food fightNow I am officially old I was invited to go for routine breast-screening. All the stories about it I had heard were right, it’s like pushing your boob into a sandwich maker. The efficacy of screening has been questioned but I tend to opt in rather than out of these things. Afterwards, I felt like I deserved a little reward so I headed round the corner from the health clinic to The Mighty Food Fight’s takeaway van. These two lovely ladies have just set up in Bristol with their stylish blue van selling tasty, fresh, colourful, vibrant, vegan food.

IMG_2654For lunched, they sell delicious tacos made with authentic corn tortillas – just £3.80 for two! You can choose from Quinoa Pizza balls (packed full of cheesy pizza like flavours, rich tomato, garlic and heaps of herbs with butter beans and crispy quinoa) or Chipotle Chile Balls with a warm kick! I tried both types – bloody lovely I have to say. The tacos each have two balls and a selections of salads. This is not your everyday watery lettuce and tomato-style salad! We are talking colour and flavour here! Classic slaw made with carrot and red cabbage, fruit salsa (with pineapple), vibrant potato salad with paprika and celery salt, and all of this loveliness topped with kale salad – the kale is rubbed or massaged (this food is made with love!) with a tahini-almond dressing. I was offered the choice of two beautiful sauces, one pink with chilli and the other pale green with avocado. I had both! Then just to be sure I wIMG_2664ouldn’t be hungry later, I ordered a cinnamon doughnut too.

This van is well worth a visit – it’s only a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Bristol. I’ll be back!

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One Response to The Mighty Food Fight

  1. Wish you had a van Justine!

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