Viva!’s 20th anniversary dinner on the Thames

MoFo 2014The charity I work for, Viva! turned 20 this year! Juliet Gellatley and Tony Wardle founded Viva! in 1994 from a garage in Church Minshull (near Nantwich and Crewe in Cheshire). From these humble beginnings Viva! has grown to become Europe’s biggest vegetarian and vegan campaigning group. Viva! have run successful campaigns on a huge range of issues exposing the horror British factory farms, religious slaughter and so-called exotic meats. I am very proud to be part of such a dedicated, compassionate team of people who care deeply about the animals we share our planet with.

IMG_3363 The 20th anniversary dinner was more than a fundraising event, it provided the opportunity for Viva! to thank all our loyal supporters and wonderful patrons for caring so much! It was a truly fantastic evening, and the goodwill expresses was overwhelming. All the after dinner speakers were fantastic – so thanks to John Robb, Jenny Seagrove, Jasmine Harman, Wendy Turner Webster, Michael Mansfield QC and Kerry McCarthy MP. West End on the Thames were great to work with and their vegan feast was delicious.

  • Spiced chickpea soup with rosemary oil, grilled sourdough and black olive tapenade
  • Potato, spinach and roast garlic wellington with port braised shallot and field mushroom duxelle; served with braised red cabbage and thyme roasted root vegetables
  • Chocolate and frangelico mousse with candied hazelnut and butterscotch
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