Puffed up with Pride

MoFo 2014

After a break over the summer, we have resumed Ladies Film Night. Last night I saw a great film called Pride. It’s based on a true story set in the midst of the 1984-85 miners’ strike in Thatcher’s Britain. The film tells the story of a group of LGBT activists who raised funds to help support the striking miners and their families. It’s a lovely story of an unlikely alliance. Oh yes, and the Tampopo next to the cinema does a special meal deal – 25% off the food bill with a cinema ticket. So we filled our boots. We shared a bowl of sweet little edamame beans blanched and served with sea salt (£3.50), then I had a very tasty Thai dish that sounds like a footballer – Ped Makham. It’s made with slices of fried tofu in a zingy tamarind sauce, served with wilted choi sum (Chinese flowering cabbage) and fried onion flakes (£11.75). Tampopo can be a bit mean with their tofu but in this dish, they are very generous. We pushed the boat out and had dessert too, I had Khao Niaow Mamuang a Thai dessert made from fresh ripe mango slices with sticky rice flavoured with coconut cream (£5.50). We shared a bottle of wine and with the cinema deal, the bill for the three of us was £55. I was glad to get into the cinema and flop out in my seat, we didn’t need any popcorn!

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2 Responses to Puffed up with Pride

  1. I tried to go and see Pride the night before last but when we got to the theatre it had just sold out! I’ll be trying again over the weekend!

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