Mildred’s Magic Mushroom Pie!

IMG_0129I wanted to stop for a quick bite before going to see Lunatic Fringe and Chaos UK play in a pub in North London. I didn’t just want burger and chips though, I fancied something special, so we went to Mildred’s. The tables are placed very close together, don’t expect a lot of privacy, if you want an intimate meal you might be better off going to Manna… However, for a bite with friends or a relaxed meal in company you won’t be disappointed. The mushroom, porcini and ale pie with mushy peas and mash (£10.25) blew my socks off! It was bloody lovely. My partner opted for the burger and chips but it’s not just a regular burger – the burger of the day came in a sourdough bun with relish, red onion, rocket and tomato, with basil mayo (£9.10) and sweet potato fries (£1.50). The service was quick, the food was with us in 10 minutes I reckon. We shared a big bottle of fizzy water and the bill was £25. They don’t take reservations so you may have to wait at the bar with a drink for a table but I saw people drinking Bellinis (£6.50) so not so bad I reckon if you have to wait…

MoFo 2014

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