Homemade Damson Gin Recipe

MoFo 2014

In Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Simpcox says to Gloucester, explaining how he fell out of a tree and became lame:
“Alas, good master, my wife desired some damsons
And made me climb, with danger of my life”

Luckily my fella just went up to Pawson’s, the great little independent fruit and veg shop on the Gloucester Road in Bristol for our damsons.DG1

Here’s the recipe:
• 1 bottle of gin
• ½ lb sugar
• 1 lb damsons

 We doubled the recipe so we can give some away at Christmas….DG3a

Put the washed damsons in a bowl and prick each one with a knife then transfer it to your clean jar or demijohn. When you choose your gin, stay away from the botanical, cucumbery, highly perfumed brands, go for Plymouth or Gordon’s.

Give it a good swirl around to dissolve the sugar.


Happy face!


One week on!

It should soon change colour and go a rich deep red but keep your hands off until Christmas! If you prefer your drinks tall, try mixing it with some elderflower cordial and fizzy water to make a Damderflower – delicious but tread lightly!

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