Last summer I made Sloederflower; a cocktail with sloe gin and elderflower cordial (both homemade by my industrious fella) mixed with fizzy water. It made a lovely tall drink for a sunny afternoon. This year, I made Damderflower; damson gin, elderflower cordial (again, made by Marc) and fizzy water with a few crushed mint leaves. It slips down rather too easily!

Damson gin and elderflowerNext, the plan is to make elderflower Champagne (you are not supposed to call it that anymore but I think Sparking Elderflower Wine sounds rubbish!). I’m a bit worried as the internet is full of warnings of exploding bottles and near-death experiences! One person said after 10 of their 12 bottles exploded in the shed at the end of the garden they were all too scared to approach the remaining two and took them out with an air rifle! Watch this space…

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