VBites Brighton

I was in Brighton to work at Vegfest, who organise Europe’s biggest vegan events. I was with two friends and we were on the hunt for somewhere nice to eat. We opted for Heather Mill’s café VBites. Heather moved this café a couple of miles down the road from the lagoon at Hove a year or so ago and it is now based on East Street – very centrally in Brighton. They sell meals made using VBites (previously Redwoods Wholefoods) products. My two companions opted for burger and chips – it looked great, especially the sweet potato fries. I had ‘fish’ and chips. My fish steaks were convincingly fishy and had I not been in a vegan café I might have panicked a bit! The rocket salad, and caper mint mayo was tasty! You can have a glass of wine or a beer too… Quick, easy and not too pricy, you can also shop while you eat; the shelves are stocked with vegan goodies including vegan salad cream, parmesan in a shaker and other treats. Bring your wallet!


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2 Responses to VBites Brighton

  1. Sounds great – but I’m not sure I want my chips in a bucket x

  2. JustBloggs says:

    Beats chicken in a bucket I suppose… x

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