The Chilli Pickle Brighton – Yum Yum!

I’d never heard of the restaurant the Chilli Pickle when I stumbled on this restaurant in Brighton… I was thinking about having a burger and chips or a pizza but then I saw Tamil Masala Dosa on the menu and was sold! I am a sucker for a dosa – a rice pancake stuffed with spiced potato. The Chilli Pickle

For started my fella and I shared a dish called Raj Kachori; five puri shells filled with potato and mung dal. These little gems were drizzled in pomegranate syrup and served with a ginger, green chilli and mint chutney and a tamarind chutney both in shot glasses. Inspiring and inventive but not too pretentious; no foam or dust in sight!

The dosa came with a sambar and kuzhambu curry; a vegetable stew made with tamarind and vegetable drumsticks (inedible looking chunks of woody veg but if you suck the middle out of these, it is delicious! The vegan version of marrowbone but without a dead animal on your plate!) It came with a red coconut sambal and a coconut chutney – all very fresh and vibrant tasting. Lovely tasty food and just the right amount. Three big bottles of beer, one starter and two mains cost less than £50. I’ll be back!


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  1. Justbloggs homemade dosas please;)

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