Salad Riot but no Rat

Ever feel like you need a new inner tube? I’ve eaten so much crap over the winter I need to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlay off the mashed potatoes, sausages and beans and get with the salads! This evening I tried to put a bit of everything I had in the fridge on the plate. Red cabbage and carrot slaw with raisins, pine nuts and flaxseed and truffle oil, sprouted seeds, tomato and garlic salad, mixed leaf salad with balsamic dressing, mixed bean salad with herbs and homemade hummus with smoked paprika. The plate was a riot of colour and it felt great eating it. I am now inspired to experiment a bit more, I may even hide a rat in the bottom of the bowl!

A salad which is much favoured in France is made  of witloof chicory, cut about one and a half inches long and mixed with a French salad dressing. A small piece of bread has previously been rubbed with garlic and is hidden in the bottom of the salad bowl. The French call this little piece of bread ‘the rat’. Isabelle Vischer


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2 Responses to Salad Riot but no Rat

  1. That salad looks amazing. I got really into using za’atar to flavour mine. I buy the ready made stuff (Palestinian) but want to have a go at making my own (when I’ve grown lots of thyme this summer).

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