Can a Loony? Cannelloni!

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I’m on a mission to clear all the random odd bits of food out of the back of my food cupboard. Today I pulled out the box of cannelloni and decided to use that. I cooked up some continental (brown) lentils with some fresh mint from the garden. I fried an onion and stirred that in and added some chopped, steamed spinach. The bunch of spinach I got came from my local shop at the end of my road, it was just 75p! It looked like it came from someone’s allotment – it was so fresh and tasted amazing – I reckon I could taste the iron in it! So that was the filling for my pasta tubes. I stuffed the first couple using a teaspoon then abandoned that idea and did the rest by hand – messy and fun! While I was stuffing my tubes (matron!) I cooked down a can of tomatoes with some oregano until it made a thick tomato sauce – you could use passata. Next I made a vegan cheese sauce. You could make a béchamel sauce. I had a packet of dairy-free cheese sauce from Angel Food. Lightly oil an oven proof dish and place the stuffed tubes in rows. Pour the thick tomato sauce over them filling gaps in where you can. Then pour the cheese sauce over it making sure the pasta is covered. Bake at 180° for 30 minutes and served hot with a green leafy salad. Quite a treat for a Thursday!

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