Walnut Pesto

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As Morrissey said:

The dark nights are drawing in

And your humour is as black as them

I look at yours, you laugh at mine

And “love” is just a miserable lie

So I decided to make pesto. The basil in the garden is living on borrowed time, so pesto seems like the obvious choice. I had some pine nuts and a few walnuts so I decided to chuck them in along with some garlic and olive oil. It’s very easy… just whizz it up in the blender. I mixed it into some spaghetti and sprinkled on some Bellissimo Dairy Free Parmesan – bellissimo indeed!

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2 Responses to Walnut Pesto

  1. Foxbase Alpha says:

    Nice! My basil was crap this year so I made pesto with all the other herbs instead – mint, oregano , rosemary, etc. ’twas very nice x

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