Takeaway Pizza

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I couldn’t face chips… I’ve gone off takeaway chips, I like oven baked chips, with skins on… So after a few drinks in our local last week, when Marc suggested pizza, my heart sank. Takeaway vegan pizzas can often be a bit of a letdown; lacking in taste and substance with just a bit of tomato sauce, a scattering of onion and couple of olives. Like a ship without a sail… Unlike the amazing homemade vegan pizza Marc makes.

So when I ordered my vegan pizza from the new(ish) Napolita restaurant on Mina Road in Bristol I gave the chef free rein – I said ‘I’ll eat anything so long as it’s a vegetable’. There were some raised eyebrows but he rose to the challenge and I got the best takeaway vegan pizza I’ve ever had! It had tomato sauce on it plus spinach, red onions, peppers, artichokes, olives and really pokey jalapeño peppers! I added my own vegan mozzarella and he presto – for just £7.49, a really damn fine pizza I reckon!

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2 Responses to Takeaway Pizza

  1. Foxbase Alpha says:

    Ad your own cheese! Now, why didn’t I think of that? Looks good x

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