Happy Vegan Box Swap

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am a very happy vegan today! My box of goodies arrived and it was packed with loads of treats I’ve never seen before! That’s the best thing about this vegan box swapping; you get to try lots of new stuff. My box contained lentil chips and hummus chips… I am going to see if I can restrain myself and save these for my ladies film night on Tuesday. Also included were Cajun spiced nuts which I shared with friends this evening – fortuitous as I had asked my fella to buy some salted almonds and he came back empty-handed as the shop had none! There were some other very interesting looking savoury snacks too:  popcorn with vegan Worcester sauce and sundried tomatoes, chick pea pâté and rice and corn salt & vinegar snacks. On top of all that there was a chocolate brownie, a bar of coconut chocolate, white chocolate buttons (great for decorating cupcakes) and get this – chocolate dodgers! I’m eating one now as I write this!!! Thanks Emma – that was truly a great box, I hope you got a good one too.

If you want to join in the Happy Vegan box swap go to the website here.

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2 Responses to Happy Vegan Box Swap

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  2. Charlotte Britton says:

    What a fab idea!!

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