Shepherd’s Pie… no horse, no beef, no BS!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s my Shepherd’s Pie. It doesn’t contain beef, horse, badger, donkey, snake, or elephant. It was made with soya mince (and love!). According to the news, sales of meat-free burgers and ready meals are soaring in the light of the horse meat scandal. I’ve heard a few fellow vegans declaring how they just don’t get why people have a problem eating horses but not cows. However, I think we do understand; we are a nation of hypocrites. We are culturally conditioned to care for our pets and companion animals and therefore have some empathy and compassion for cats, dogs and horses, while at the same time, we are quite happy to chomp down on the flesh of millions of poor cows, pigs and sheep tortured and slain by multinational companies on such a grand scale it has been likened to a holocaust – every day! One good thing that may come out of this calamity is that more people may decide to stop eating meat. Well here’s hoping anyway.

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