White Chocolate Cheesecake

Sorry no photo for this one – it was so nice we just scoffed it and forgot all about photos!

  • ⅔ packet of vegan digestive biscuits (Hobnobs)
  • 1 large tbsp vegan margarine (Pure spread)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (Ndali vanilla extract)
  • 2 tubs of Toffutti vegan cream cheese
  • 60g sugar
  • 1 lemon, finely grate the zest from the lemon then squeeze the juice from half of it
  • 1 bar of vegan white chocolate (Vantastic white chocolate)

Crush the biscuits up in bowl using the end of a rolling pin while the margarine melts in a small pan over a low heat. Add the melted marg to the biscuit crumbs along with the vanilla extract and mix well. Grease a medium-sized flan dish and spoon in the biscuit mix; press it down firmly using a spatula. Place a medium-sized pan on the heat with an inch or two of water in it and put a glass bowl in it. Break up the white chocolate and drop it into the bowl. While the chocolate is gently melting, place the cream cheese, sugar, lemon zest and juice in a bowl and mix well. Take the melted chocolate off the heat and spoon into the cream cheese mixing each spoonful in as you go. Pour the creamy mix onto the biscuit base and bake at 180° for 45 mins unti golden brown on top. When you take it out of the oven it will look a bit runny still – don’t worry, leave it to cool and it will firm up beautifully! Enjoy with some fresh raspberries or other fruit.

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