Happy Vegan

I am a very Happy Vegan tonight; looking forward to trying some new goodies and some old favourites courtesy of the Happy Vegan food swap project. I was sent a wonderful box full of treats – thanks Gayle! The Chinese Szechuan Pepper-coated Peanuts are fabulous and I will be buying these for my friends.  Can’t wait to try the Zest Pesto – new to me! The Peppermint Creams from the Co-op look fab – after-dinner treat! I have seen the Fabulous Fudge Factory fudge before but never tried it so thanks! Exciting! Naked bars and Moo Free are old favourites that I rarely treat myself to so looking forward to some amazing cruelty-free delights!  Get in there – Happy Vegan Swap box!

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2 Responses to Happy Vegan

  1. Gayle says:

    So glad you liked it 🙂 enjoy!

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