Halloween Cupcake Extranvaganza

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It’s nearly Halloween and I’ve been baking all flippin’ night! I’ve made three types of cupcake: Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Lime and Blackcurrant & Kirsch! Shame the frosting on those ones came out grey! I haven’t made the old ladies fingers yet – I will have to try and squeeze them in (so to speak) before all the kids turn up tomorrow!!  I have the picado and cobwebs up and the candles ready… I love Halloween and the next day is World Vegan Day, and my Birthday, and I’m not working!!!!!! I could pop! Now I’m going to watch Halloween 4… looks like a crock of shit but it might be OK.

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One Response to Halloween Cupcake Extranvaganza

  1. veggielawyer says:

    Those look amazing. (I actually think the gray frosting looks good with the decorations).

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