Jazz up your Nut Roast!

Forget vajazzling and all that friggin nonsense! Your time is much better spend jazzing up your nut roast! The last roast I made had brandy-soaked apricots slices layered across the middle of it and pretty heart shapes cut out of pastry decorating the top – sweet! If you don’t have time to make a nut roast from scratch, you can just buy a packet one and boost it up with some extra chopped nuts, a splosh of brandy and whatever takes your fancy! This amazing nut roast, cooked by good friends of mine last Sunday, had a multitude of surprises hidden within including Vegusto cheese! Phwwwwwooooar! Topped with walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds it was bursting with flavour and goodness know what (actually, I do know what:  calcium, iron, fibre, zinc, vitamin B6… loads of good stuff!). So use some artistic licence and get crazy with your nut loaf!

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2 Responses to Jazz up your Nut Roast!

  1. That looks amazing. Is that a JK and SA creation?

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