Holiday Cooking! Veggie Paella

When in Rome… actually I was in Spain so I thought I’d have a go at paella. I didn’t have my favourite recipe with me but there was one in a guide book in the apartment I was staying in and I could remember a few things.

I chopped a very large onion and fried it in a pan with some olive oil, curcumin and smoked paprika. Then added chopped garlic and a large chopped tomato. I added a large slug of sherry and cooked the toms down a bit. Then I added around 150g of wild rice and some stock then cooked slowly for 20 mins. When it was nearly cooked I added some arame (seaweed), butter beans, peeled broad beans and halved black olives. I served it with a bit slice of lemon and some fresh chopped parsley. It was OK but more like a risotto; I had a veggie paella in a restaurant a few days later…

This paella had tiny chopped carrots, peas, bay leaves and two types of mushrrom in it. It was also much stronger tasting, couldn’t be sure what the flavouring was so I have some work to do…

In case you are wondering, I just tucked in and was half way through when I thought of Vegan MoFo and how I really should be taking photographs of my food!

The theme song for this holiday was Piggies by the Beatles.

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