Terre à Terror!

I just found out my favourite veggie restaurant in the UK had a fire in the kitchen and has been forced to close for a total kitchen refit.  Obviously I am glad no one was hurt but what a blow to the owners and staff not to mention the hungry veggie customers…  Terre à Terre create imaginative vegetarian and vegan food that quite frankly blows my socks off.  The first time I ate there I had gone to Brighton for a romantic weekend with my fella and we just fell on the amazing food they bought us and ended up so full up we had to back to our hotel to lie down… who says romance is dead?! Anyway here is the review I posted about Terre à Terre so you can see for yourself just how amazing it was and will be again come December…

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Terre à Terre has a reputation to live up to! This was my second visit and I was excited to be back. I started with a cocktail; I had a salty dog and boy, was it nice! My partner had a vodka martini and that went down very well too. We skipped starters, as the first time we visited this restaurant we both overdid it and were left too stuffed to move – not great on a romantic getaway! For our main, we shared a plate of vegan Terre à Tapas. A large plate arrived covered in an array of delicious treats including Lavash Tanoor: deep fried bread crisps, sprinkled with spice and fresh coriander with aubergine zhuganoush. Uttapam: red onion, mustard seed and curry leaf Indian crumpet with coconut and coriander seed butter, ginger root chilli jam and salsa. Arepas Chili Candy: deep fried corn cakes rolled in spice dust served with chili chelly jelly , chilled pokey gazpacho hash and a candied chilli. Mai Fun Salad: chilled black rice noodles, piled with crisp raw vegetable spaghetti, shoots and leaves, surrounded by umboshi plum white miso and mirin dressing, roasted sesame oil, red ginger, pomegranate beads, spice satay and wasabi cashews. We also had vegan sushi which was very tasty but my favourite was the Original Hoisin Tofu with sesame, served with pickled ginger and wasabi. A small taste of each – it was knockout! My partner had a bowl of Smokey Scrunch Chips crunched fried and seasoned with smokey spice dust and we shared a Leafy Linseed Allotment Herb and Petal Salad. Taken together, the meal was a treat for the senses; taste and smell and beautifully presented. I noticed the food wasn’t as rich as I had found it on my previous visit – this is a good thing for a vegan as it had caught me off guard on my first visit and left me feeling uncomfortable full. This meal was fresher and lighter. I washed it down with a Dunkerton’s Sparkling Cider, my partner had an ale. With a little room left, my partner opted for the cheese plate; three cheeses served with black onion seed crackers, pinhead oatmeal bickies, slow sun dried figs wrapped in chestnut leaves and quince and damson membrillo. I opted for a vegan desert of Rain Vodka Cherry Chocolate Churros; sugar spice dusted doughnut straws served with sticky dipping chocolate and Rain Vodka sozzled cherries. It was the naughtiest pudding ever! The bill was around £80, which was a lot but the food and drinks were delicious and it was a very enjoyable evening. The staff were relaxed, friendly, attentive and efficient. I love this restaurant and wish Bristol had one too.

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