Moroccan Mess!

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I had friends round for dinner last Sunday and Marc and I cooked up a Moroccan Mess! It’s all prep really so you don’t have to be slaving away over a hot cooker when your guests arrive. Marc made little filo parcels filled with soya mince, onion, parsley, cinnamon, ginger and garlic. You can deep fry these little fellas and keep them warm in the oven. I made Harissa cous cous salad with red pepper, red onion, raisins, fresh parsley, flaked toasted almonds and toasted pine nuts. I also knocked up a chick pea and apricot tagine with courgette, sweet potato and peppers in it. For dessert we had little almond pastries flavoured with orange flower water, and a fruit salad made with boozy apricots soaked in Drambuie and white nectarines. It all went down a flippin’ storm if I say it myself although there was a slight hitch in that two of my guest forgot to come! They were in a different country (Wales) when I called them to find out where they were and they packed up and leapt in the car and made it here just three hours late – there was still a bit of food left for them and bit of vegan ribbing!

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