Two for One Cupcakes

I wanted to make two different types of cupcakes to take to my friend’s birthday picnic but didn’t want to end up with too many (is that possible?) or to spend all morning making cupcakes so I hit on a plan…  I made up a simple vanilla mix (slightly on the dry side) then divided it into two. I added freshly queezed lemon juice and zest to one mix and coconut milk, cocoa and chilli flakes to the other. Hey presto – two very different types of cupcake from one mix.

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The lemon ones had lemon syrup poured into them while still hot then lemon icing drizzled over them and a slice of strawberry on top before dusting with icing sugar. For the chocolate chilli cakes, I cut out a disc, piped in some lime frosting (lime juice, zest, icing sugar and Pure vegan marg) and pushed the disc back on then sprinkled with green edible glitter.

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