Wild Garlic Vegan Brunch

This time last week my lovely friends Justin and Stuart were cooking up a big brunch for a gang of us who were cottaging in Wales. We were staying in an Under The Thatch holiday house in North Pembrokeshire. This company are great, the owner has a passion for rescuing old buildings and restoring them sympathetically with locally sourced materials and environmentally friendly appliances. They are simple and basic, but comfortable – no Granny Goggins flowery curtains and valances here!

Anyway – our friends picked some wild garlic on their back from the shops and used it to make the brunch even better! So we had flowers in our food – lovely!

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2 Responses to Wild Garlic Vegan Brunch

  1. Wow look at those flower! have you found any wild garlic in Bristol. Would love to get my hands on some xx

  2. JustBloggs says:

    It grows in woodlands, I think you might find some in Leigh Woods xx

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