Vegan Cauliflower ‘Cheese’

Vegan Cauliflower Cheese? Really? Yes! It’s easy and you don’t need dairy to make it. I steam the cauliflower lightly, so it keeps a little bit of bite. Then make the white sauce. It’s a misconception that the white sauce or Béchamel sauce must contain cheese, cream, dairy milk and/or butter. You can make an excellent, full-flavoured creamy sauce using vegan margarine, flour and soya milk infused as described here. If you don’t have time for that, just add some vegetable bouillon, some nutmeg and freshly ground pepper. Alternatively, add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and some nutritional yeast. There are many options, see what suits you. Then combine the cooked cauliflower with your sauce, transfer to a baking dish and bake at 180°C for 20-30 mins until it starts to brown on top. Serve with a big squirt of organic tomato sauce.

Note: Organic brands of ketchup may have three times as much lycopene as non-organic varieties. Lycopene is an antioxidant compound that gives tomatoes and some other fruits and vegetables their colour. Preliminary research has shown an inverse correlation between consumption of tomatoes and cancer risk and lycopene has been considered a potential agent for prevention of some types of cancers, particularly prostate cancer.

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