Vegan Egg Mayo Sandwich

As a kid I hated egg sandwiches – they stank. There was always some poor kid on the school trip whose Mum had packed them up egg sandwiches. After a couple of hours on a hot bus they would peel open their Tupperware tub and release the eggy stench into the bus causing uproar, cries of “Eeuuuugh!” and heaving! Even now, when I smell something offensive I say “Eeugh! Who opened an egg sandwich on the bus?” This makes my friends fall about laughing coz they know exactly what I mean.

However, after saying all that, given the right scenario – a sunny afternoon and a nearby fridge! A freshly made vegan egg sandwich can be strangely reminiscent of times gone by, almost comforting! Like alphabet spaghetti, prawn cocktail, Roses lemon and lime marmalade, Angel Delight, Black Forest gateaux, profiteroles, lemon meringue pie, crème caramel, salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps, Smarties, Fruit Pastilles, Old Jamaican ginger beer and bottle-shaped miniature chocolate liqueurs! Those were the days!

I’ve veganised quite a lot of these dishes but am yet to work out how to make vegan meringue. Although Adirondackvegan seems to have cracked it – no pun intended!

To make a vegan egg sandwich you need a small white onion, plain firm tofu, vegan mayonnaise, turmeric and freshly ground black pepper. Mince a small slice onion (around 1-2tsp), cut just under an inch of tofu from the block and mash in a bowl with a fork. Add the onion and mayo and turmeric and mix well. Spread a thick layer of the ‘egg’ mayo on your favourite bread (with or without marg) and tuck in! I like to add rocket or watercress – the strong peppery flavour goes well with the creamy texture. This rocket in the picture was grown over the winter in my garden and is hot hot hot!

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3 Responses to Vegan Egg Mayo Sandwich

  1. I love the vegan egg mayo! looks yummy, especially with rocket on it! x

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