Double Trouble Chocolate Glitter Cakes

I’ve given up smoking! It’s nearly three weeks now… the only trouble is, I’m eating 20 cupcakes a day! Well that’s a slight exaggeration – artistic license and all. I made double chocolate cakes again today with chocolate buttons and glitter on the frosting. Evil! But as my friends who ate them said… worthy cakes are just no fun. I am trying to think of some new recipes though as I want to experiment a bit. I read somewhere that pistachio and cherry is a good combination, I might try cranberry and lime too. I’m going to have to take up running or something or I will end up the size of a house. Or maybe I should just stop with the cupcakes?

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2 Responses to Double Trouble Chocolate Glitter Cakes

  1. Lou Kennedy says:

    Hi Justine, love the food blog! I have been wondering about those chocolate cup cakes since Bern brought me one home after your birthday party last year. It was so nice, I am amazed it got to me. I have been experimenting with gluten free rock cakes…. not rocky enough. the recipe I used was in cups and I badly translated it into grams… where did you get your measuring cups from?
    Love, Lou

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