Spaghetti Hoops!

I’ve broken a tooth! Cracked it all the way up apparently. My mind goes immediately to food… what can I eat? Well soup for today’s lunch, then later for dinner, mashed potatoes and a very soggy stew made with slices of veggie frankfurter and tinned tomatoes. For tomorrow I have some hummus and some soft bread, oh, and a tin of spaghetti hoops in the cupboard. OMFG they are for the very young or the very old! Getting older is crap!!! A friend of mine just lost the crown on her tooth today too! It makes me think of that film Death Becomes Her – I saw that in Paris the year it was released. I’m not sure why I went to the cinema when I was there, or why I picked that! But it was very silly and quite funny. Maybe I went to keep out of the cold! Several homeless people died that winter in Paris due to the freezing temperature. I must stop moaning about my tooth!

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