A Taste of Summer! Happy Days!

I am really looking forward to eating these preserves! My friend Teresa gave them to me, she made them herself. Not only do they look beautiful but she said the jam is the best she’s made to date. I can feel a jam war with my fella brewing! He is very proud of his preserves – he entered his marmalade in a competition last winter and did rather well! People just don’t make this stuff anymore… Our neighbour’s plum tree is left to drop plums into the alley behind our house every year! We go out there with bags to scavenge for them! I think the best jam Marc made this year was his Bramble Jelly. It’s made from blackberries and apples and strained through a pair of tights! We had some last night stirred into hot apple sauce which I made with cooking apples, cinnamon, all spice, ginger and dark brown sugar. We had Swedish Glace ice cream with it. It was gurt lush!

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