¡Viva! Las Aceitunas

After working for the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation and their sister group Viva! for five years I left to move onto other things… My leaving present was a beautiful standard olive tree which has grown very well over the last year… I have a pretty decent little harvest of olives which I am considering pickling or something. It’s quite a complicated process with lots of water changes and fiddling about? However, it would be fun to see if I can do it and I might end up with enough olives for a few Christmas Martinis – shaken not stirred. Which reminds me, last time I was in Spain I ordered a Martini and it arrived with an olive in it that was stuffed with an anchovy. The only friggin’ vegan at the table and I get a fish in my drink!!! At least they didn’t bring me the ‘Pork Hands’ that were on the menu! WTF? My olives will be fish-free and all the better for it.

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