Remembrance Day and Anarchist Chocolate

Coffee, Brandy and Anarcho-Syndicalist Choc in Albert

Coffee, brandy and chocolate… I forget how nice the combination is. It’s a shame more pubs in the UK don’t do coffee. I asked for coffee in a pub in Wales once and the landlord shouted at me! This summer I was in Albert, in France, I was sitting in a small bar, wondering what to drink, when I realised what I really fancied was coffee and brandy. It came with a free anarcho-syndicalist dark chocolate. How cool is that?!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. It seems fitting to post it today… Remembrance Day. Albert was where the battle of the Somme started and the whole region is steeped in history. There are museums, monuments and many many graves… one of the most melancholic places I’ve ever been. Even the fields have a sadness about them…

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