I made my first caulipots last night! I was impressed, more so than my fella I have to say. He said it would be nice now and again… I thought it was seriously tasty and as a massive fan of mashed potato, I could eat it until the cows come home. Or as Groucho Marx might have said, I’ll eat it with the cows and you can go home. I made my caulipots from the recipe in Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moscowitz. Isa’s recipe contains less than 200 calories per serving – much less than mashed potato! We had it with a saucy bean stew in a rich tomato sauce with fennel. Yummy! Might have to try the Broccopots next. Bet that would be nice with veggie sausages and peas with chipotle tomato sauce…

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2 Responses to Caulipots

  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name!
    (So glad your week has gotten better, two prizes will break a bad spell for sure.)

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