Sloe Gin

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It’s that time of year again… thoughts turn to Christmas and my heart sinks. I am not a total Grinch it’s just that I am more of a Halloween-type gal. However, there are some good things about Christmas and sloe gin is one of them. I hadn’t had much luck finding a good crop of sloes (see photo). Then my fella and I stumbled on the most heavily laden bush I’ve ever seen – it was dripping with sloes! We filled our boots and came home feeling pretty smug. Then we realised we had to buy three litres of gin! You need one litre of gin for every pound of sloes.

We froze the sloes (if you use them fresh you have to prick each one before submersing in gin). When we had got enough gin, the sloes were defrosted and put in a clean demijohn with the gin and sugar. The whole lot needs a good shaking to dissolve the sugar.  Now comes the hard part… waiting until it’s good and ready!

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