Ten Minute Tomato Soup

I felt very weedy today and needed some proper old school comfort food. So, tomato soup was on the menu. Wikipedia reckons that tomato soup is one of the top comfort foods in Poland. When I was a kid, I met my Dad for lunch in a restaurant in London. I wasn’t feeling very good, so he ordered tomato soup for me. It came with a small amount of white rice in it. It was wonderful – Jewish penicillin my Dad called it!

I make a very quick, cheats stylee soup that is pretty darn close to the canned variety, not the one Andy Warhol was keen on, the other one. No need to write out a list of ingredients, there are only four! Fry ½ a medium onion in olive oil until it starts to brown, crush and add one clove of garlic, chuck in a tin of chopped tomatoes and heat through. If you want more flavour you can add a teaspoon of bouillon and some freshly ground black pepper. When it is piping hot, blend with a hand-held blender then stir in some soya milk. Return to the heat but don’t boil. Serve hot with your favourite bread. Smacznego!

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4 Responses to Ten Minute Tomato Soup

  1. celyn says:

    That sounds perfect! I love miso soup when I am not feeling well, but I could be convinced to try it your way.

  2. JustBloggs says:

    Thanks celyn, I love miso soup too!

  3. Just bookmarked this. I love quick soups! I make a roasted fresh tomato soup (http://www.vegangela.com/2011/04/15/roasted-fresh-tomato-soup/) and while it’s kick-ass, it does take time due to the roasting AND you have to use fresh tomatoes. I like that this uses pantry staples. Will make this for sure. Thanks!

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