French Toast

I woke up fancying French Toast this morning. Sometimes it turns out really well, other times, just OK. I think sadly, today’s was just OK. My recipe might need tweaking so if you want to see another, check out the Vegan Zombie! I just love this guy! Here’s my recipe… any comments welcome.

  • ¼ pack of tofu (approximately 100g)
  • 100ml soya milk
  • 1 large tsp rice flour
  • 1 large tsp cornflour
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes (Marigold’s Engevita brand)
  •  4-6 slices of bread (white, granary or wholemeal)
  •  Splash vegetable oil
  • Optional :  ½ tsp turmeric  – only use this if you are like your French Toast savoury!
  • Optional: maple syrup, sprinkle of icing sugar and cinnamon if you like your French Toast sweet!

Blend the tofu until smooth. Add the soya milk, flour and yeast flakes (and turmeric if using).  Heat a frying pan and add a dash of vegetable oil. Soak 1-2 slices of bread in the mixture and transfer to the pan. Cook for several minutes on each side until golden. Make sure the bread isn’t still soggy.  Repeat the process until the mixture is all used up. Serve hot with your choice of topping. I like savoury food for breakfast (prefer onion bagels to cinnamon and raisin) so I have homemade tomato ketchup and freshly ground black pepper with my French Toast. Lush!

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2 Responses to French Toast

  1. Edwin says:

    Wow… this looks simply awesome. I’m going to try to make some this weekend and hope they will turn out as good as yours. I can’t wait to taste this delicious piece of receipe! Thank you for sharing!

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