Justine’s Christmas Cous-Cous Salad

Yes, this is another Christmas salad. I am thinking ahead to those cold, grey slate days when you might need some colour in your life. You can’t have veggie sausage, mash and beans everyday! I wrote this recipe for vegan campaigning group Viva! You can access it along with many other ideas for cooking up a cruelty-free Christmas feast on their Very Veggie Christmas website… Thanks to the wonderful Helen Rossiter for the photos. Happy cooking!

This tasty festive salad is a treat for the eyes as well as the stomach!

Preparation/cooking time 1 hour



250g/9oz cous cous
250ml/9 fl oz boiling water
2 tsp of harissa sauce (Belazu’s rose harissa is best)
1 red onion, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
1 yellow pepper, chopped
1 pomegranate (separate the seeds)
50g/2oz toasted almonds
Large sprig flat leaf parsley, chopped
50g/2oz pine nuts, toasted



1. Put the cous cous in a bowl and cover with boiling water, leave for 5 mins
2. Plump up the cous cous with a fork
3. Stir in harissa sauce until evenly coloured
4. Stir in the onion, peppers, pomegranate, almonds and herbs
5. Transfer to a wide flat serving bowl
6. Sprinkle pine nuts on the top and serve

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3 Responses to Justine’s Christmas Cous-Cous Salad

  1. That is one GORGEOUS looking salad!

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